IPAD 2500

Your One Box Solution for Internet Service and Protection.

What an IPAD 2500 is Not.

No AIX inside! IBM AIX
No BeOS Inside! BeOS
No IRIX Inside! Silicon Graphics IRIX
No Linux Inside! Linux
No MacOS Inside! Apple MacOS
No NextOS Inside! NextOS
No OS/2 Inside! IBM OS/2
No Solaris Inside! Sun Solaris
No Windows Inside! Microsoft Windows

About IPAD 2500.

Misconceptions have been part of the IPAD-OS story since 1993 when the IPAD 2500 project was first introduced to the public. 

The years since have shown that most people assume they know what is really meant by the words secure and reliable. Often they try to add a spin from some other operating system that defines secure as something that requires a new security patch many times a year.

They are wrong and can't even imagine an operating system that remains secure without updates. The IPAD-OS is just such an operating system.

To fully understand the difference in a meaningful way, start with what the IPAD 2500 is not.

The IPAD Operating System

  • The IPAD 2500 is not built on any Microsoft® operating system.
  • The IPAD 2500 is not built on any UNIX® or Linux operating system nor variants.
  • The IPAD 2500 is not built on any Apple® (Macintosh or otherwise) operating system.
  • The IPAD-OS source code is not publicly accessible, is not open source or GNU software. It is not possible to get this combination and consistent level of security, reliability, performance and efficiency all in one place through a committee.

Attacking the IPAD-OS

  • The IPAD 2500 does not allow any outside program to access the IPAD-OS itself making the IPAD 2500 immune to virus infection.
  • The IPAD 2500 does not suffer from root access hacker attacks because there is no concept of a special access account.
  • The IPAD 2500 does not suffer from buffer overflow security attacks because the IPAD 2500 will simply block all access as part of the internal protection logic.
  • The IPAD-OS does not need frequent bug fix and security updates because it was designed from the start to be secure and reliable.
  • The IPAD-OS is easy to setup for maximum security because that is the default out of the box.
  • The IPAD-OS has never been successfully hacked.

IPAD-OS Longevity

  • Neither the IPAD-OS nor the IPAD 2500 license ever expire.
  • The IPAD 2500 does not call home and never needs to collect or report your personal information to any company, but it can be used to block other products that do these things.
  • The IPAD 2500 does not need to be re-registered if hardware is changed.
  • The IPAD 2500 does not need huge amounts of memory even under heavy work loads.
  • The IPAD 2500 does not limit the number of users behind the firewall or in any of the internal servers.
  • The IPAD 2500 is unlike any other operating system or firewall product you have seen.