IPAD 2500

Your One Box Solution for Internet Service and Protection.

The IPAD 2500 lives on.

Going forward.

This would have been the end of the IPAD 2500 story except for a group of visionary customers who owned IPAD-OS products not only because of their understanding of what it was, but because Phil Becker had created it.

Over the years of relying on the IPAD 2500 they have come to discover just how powerful and easy to control it really is. Many of the owners had become Internet service providers solely because the IPAD-OS allowed them to focus on customer service rather than their server hardware. Others were able to grow their business and compete online without any technical staff to manage their Internet connection.

In February of 2000 many of these IPAD 2500 Owners banded together and created the IPAD Owners Association, Incorporated (IOA) for the purpose of continuing the development and enhancing the IPAD-OS itself.

The IPAD Owners Association has since proven that they not only could revive the operating system but could bring it well beyond anything envisioned when the project started. The original IOA goal was to add new abilities to make life as an ISP and corporate owner much easier specifically in the fight against spam. This goal has been reached and far exceeded in many ways.

The future of the IPAD 2500 is bright and wide open. The IOA development team is diligently working on improvements to bring even more power and more simplicity of control than ever thought possible before.

This has created a renewed need to communicate the story of the IPAD-OS to those who have not heard and don't yet understand how unique it is compared to other operating systems.