IPAD 2500

Your One Box Solution for Internet Service and Protection.

What an IPAD 2500 is.

You control access.

It gets even better.

Ok, the IPAD 2500 is unique in what it is not. So here is a list of a few things the IPAD 2500 is.

Simple Configuration

  • The IPAD 2500 is the most secure connected operating system platform possible anywhere at any price! The only way to get better security is to not be connected.
  • The IPAD 2500 is designed to bring all of the power and speed of the best router, firewall and server suite into the hands of the non-technical user. Your secretary can easily manage accounts without specialized training. It works the way you do.
  • The IPAD 2500 configuration is simple enough you can start using it the first day without any knowledge of Internet standards or compatibility issues.

Powerful and Efficient

  • The IPAD 2500 is designed and built to be the most efficient, high performance and compatible transparent proxy firewall available. It has virtually no need for configuration on either the part of the user or the administrator.
  • The IPAD 2500 is powerful enough to grow with you for many years without limiting you or requiring additional fees or licensing.
  • The IPAD 2500 is extremely efficient in the hardware it requires.


  • The IPAD 2500 is compatible with every Internet connected operating system including all versions of Windows, all Internet aware versions of Macintosh, all versions of UNIX and Linux, all Internet aware versions of specialized operating systems like Novell Netware, and all Internet aware versions of Mini and Mainframe operating systems. The IPAD 2500 is simply compatible.
  • The IPAD 2500 follows the published Internet standards and goes one step further to even be compatible with others that do not always follow the published standards.

Without Artificial Limits

  • The IPAD 2500 is virtually unlimited in growth potential for the number of users, the number of connections and the number of IP addresses protected by the firewall.
  • The IPAD 2500 is complete with no need for future registrations, subscriptions, or any ongoing payments. Although for a small annual price you'll always be up to date with the latest version and the newest features.

Bright Future

  • The IPAD 2500 is built on mature and stable technology with almost two decades of use in the most demanding corporate and industrial environments.
  • The IPAD 2500 is in active development and is growing in capability, performance and features all the time.
  • The IPAD 2500 is being developed by those who use and rely on the IPAD 2500 every day as a key part of their business.