IPAD 2500

Your One Box Solution for Internet Service and Protection.

Introducing the IPAD 2500.

What is an IPAD 2500?

The IPAD 2500 is a robust router and industrial-strength firewall with a collection of high performance servers built with a real-time embedded operating system designed for maximum security and reliability in the most demanding conditions.

The IOA-brand IPAD 2500 is built using a special operating system called IPAD-OS designed from the ground up to protect you and to do it better than anything else on the planet. Nothing else comes close. No other operating system has the luxury of being designed and built from the ground up with security and reliability as the highest priorities.

The firewall technology at the heart of the IPAD-OS is called True IP Address Expansion and was first certified in 1997 by the International Computer Security Association (ICSA). The firewall is unique in that it was designed for the highest security and compatibility with virtually no configuration needed. Turn it on and it works.