IPAD 2500

Your One Box Solution for Internet Service and Protection.

The IPAD 2500 Is Here!

Your network protection is important!

IPAD 2500

Are you safe from Internet attacks today?
Are you safe tomorrow too?

Most firewalls wait until a security problem is found before it is fixed. This means it always had those security problems even when you thought you were safe. Security after the fact is the worst way to protect your network.

IPAD 2500 to the rescue!

According to the 2002 FBI Computer Security Institute Survey:

  • 90% of respondents detected computer security breaches within the last twelve months.
  • 80% acknowledged financial losses due to computer breaches.
  • For 5 years in a row, more respondents cited their Internet connection as a frequent point of attack (74%) than cited their internal systems as a frequent point of attack (33%).
Warning!  With hundreds of thousands of web sites dedicated to hacking, you need a solution that keeps you safe 100% of the time.
(Source: January 2016 Google sites referencing malicious hacking.)